TVU Sports has helped teams, leagues, associations and other sports related organizations around the world develop stronger fan engagement. TVU’s award-winning line of professional live video solutions makes it easy for anyone to capture, stream, produce and share live content. From player interviews to press conferences to game day coverage and more, TVU makes it possible to deliver a much deeper fan experience with video.

Cover Events Anywhere in the World

TVU has been the provider of choice for many broadcasters looking to cover big or small sports events in the world. The company’s TVU One portable transmitter uses multiple cellular 4G/LTE modems to stream HD video from anywhere including sidelines and around stadiums. TVU One has been used at major events such as the World Cup, Olympics and Super Bowl as well as smaller local sports such as collegiate and high school athletics.

Leverage At-Home/REMI Remote Production for Lower Production Costs 

Expand your sports production and reduce your costs. TVU RPS is designed to deliver simple remote synchronized multi-camera coverage, replacing the need for complex and expensive on-location production trucks. RPS allows broadcasters to leverage their existing studio control room infrastructure and a commodity Internet connection from any venue to deliver frame accurate, genlocked and synchronized multi-camera remote production.

Share Live Video to Many Locations at Once

TVU Grid is a simple way to switch, route and distribute live video to multiple locations using commodity Internet. There’s no need for expensive satellite or fiber connections. With TVU Grid, sports organizations can deliver live video locally, nationally and globally with the click of a button.

Monetize More Online Content

Producing and streaming live sports content doesn’t have to be an expensive and complex task. TVU Producer allows professionals and non-professionals to produce multi-camera live video using a standard web-browser and Internet connection. Cloud-based Producer does not require expensive hardware to produce video for live streaming to popular social media platforms and CDNs. It can be a cost-effective and simple way to monetize more content.

What Sports Leagues and Teams Say About TVU

“TVU solutions have been everything we wanted them to be. They have done a great job of getting our video content of the Pelicans to local media outlets. With TVU, we’re able to send live press conference coverage and player interviews out to the media in our market that previously may not have been able to come out and get the footage themselves, which would have denied us coverage on the evening and afternoon newscasts.” – Doug Tatum, Executive Director of Digital Media, New Orleans Pelicans


“We see TVUPack as a critical tool for helping the NHL media platforms report content from the field with this high quality cost effective solution, allowing us to take fans deeper into the sport with greater degrees of access and transparency that today’s connected fans demand.” – Bob Chesterman, Senior VP, Programming and Production, National Hockey League


See how the New Orleans Pelicans of the NBA utilize TVU solutions to deliver live video to local TV broadcast partners and fans online.




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