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TVU Channel includes a playout, a playout schedule database, scheduler, video storage,
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24/7 Live Channel & Scheduling Solution

What is Playout?

Playout is a central piece of technology used in the broadcasting industry for radio and television that transmits media directly to multiple target audiences and can be done in a number of ways. It is the heart of any modern broadcasting station. Television channel playout happens in a playout area of the broadcasting station or is situated in a larger playout center. Here media is transported to specific feeds over different networks or the public internet.

Playout System & Devices

A playout system defines the equipment and/or processes taken to play the media, render it, and put it to air for different networks. A system can be made up of equipment, used as software, or playout in the cloud. Different devices are used for different systems.

Playout equipment would require hardware and maybe additional software while cloud-based playouts wouldn’t need any hardware or software. These different systems can also include different features that can be performed to produce channels, scheduling, automation, operations, and management.

TVU channel cloud playout and schedule solution

Playout Services & Platforms

Playout services provide reliability for creators to deliver content throughout various platforms while they focus mostly on creating the content. Platforms that provide playout services can help manage programming, scheduling, and distribution for linear TV channels, streaming channels, or public internet.

Services for playout help to better manage the entire process to deliver media, can save on cost, and offer better security. Depending on its playout system, different services can be as software or in the cloud.

Playout services and playout platforms

Playout Automation & Channel Management

Playout automation helps to make channel operations run efficiently while also making channel management for one or many programs easier to run, from scheduling, formatting, encoding, media management, distribution, and much more.

Automating playout functions help to save time and overall cost when distributing to different platforms. It allows for more playout features to be added and executed in a seamless fashion.

Playout automation and streaming channel management

Cloud Playout Workflow & Operations

Generally, a playout workflow requires programming the media content of a specific channel and taking it to air. Not all playouts are created equal. Workflow for playout depends on the system and the necessary processes required.

Some provide much more robust features and automation than others. Modern-day cloud playout systems can include features around scheduling, creating templates, graphics, adding live sources, and much more.

Playout operation and playout workflow

TVU Channel

An All-In-One Live Channel Playout Solution

Launch 24/7 live channels in seconds, schedule, add overlays, and more all over a secure cloud-native playout solution. TVU Channel offers solutions, services, and support for broadcasters and individuals better manage their live channels on a continuous cost-efficient basis.

A 24/7 Live Channel Solution

TVU Channel is a reliable 24/7 continuously running channel solution that has the ability to incorporate live video is one of the many features that make TVU Channel more than just a playout solution. Find out about all the features that set apart TVU Channel from any other service out there on the market.

Live channel solution for continuous 24/7 live tv channels

TVU Channel Key Benefits

Remote Playout Solution

Playout Solution

With a cloud-based playout solution, you can access all your channels remotely from any location.

Channel Ad Placement

Ad Insertion

Easily incorporate ads into your channel using TVU’s Dynamic Ad Insertion for FAST Channels.

Video Monetization


Start generating revenue with a 24/7 channel using Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) features.

Simple Playout

Channel Management

No trained operator is needed. If you can manage an online calendar you can manage TVU Channel.

Playout Automation


With automated import schedule files and auto-sync media assets, no daily operation is required.

Import Live Video Sources

Live Video

TVU Channel is more than just a playout. Bring in live sources anytime and break-in live video for breaking news.

Cloud Playout Security


Create a hack-proof channel with full redundancy and security natively operating within the cloud.

Low Cost & No Risk

Low Cost &
Risk Free

Sign up under a free trial and save on operational and infrastructure costs with no commitment.

Try For Free

Check out the platform and launch your channel today using our 15-day free trial with no commitments.

Launch A FAST Streaming TV Channel

FAST Streaming (Free Ad-Supported TV) is an important service the industry is quickly moving towards. TVU Channel provides the opportunity to take advantage of FAST Streaming by launching, managing, and benefiting from Free Ad-Supported TV services within the platform. Learn what FAST streaming is and how distributors can benefit.

Launch a fast streaming tv channels

Optimize FAST Channels ROI

FAST Channels make it easy to incorporate ads using TVU’s Dynamic Ad Insertion. Easily schedule ads without the worry of trying to sell them. TVU Channel makes sure ALL your ads GET SOLD. The playout platform provides automation and management that creates zero-operational requirements to manage a full channel. Learn how to optimize and manage FAST Channels to better ROI.

Optimize fast channels for roi

Broadcast Scheduling Solution

With TVU Channel, broadcast scheduling has never been easier. Scheduling your channel programs in TVU Channel is as simple as scheduling in a calendar. Create scheduled templates, bring in live sources, add graphics, insert ads, and much more. Learn how TVU Channel optimizes the playout workflow giving you the best features and efficiency to schedule your media and programs.

Broadcast scheduling and cloud-based playout solution

Playout Software Vs Cloud-Based

Broadcasting, automation, and channel management is shifting in a big way and becoming more accessible than before. TVU Channel, being a cloud-based playout and scheduling solution, has many differences from traditional playout software. Discover how a cloud playout differs from a playout software and how these enhancements better channel management and security. 

Playout software vs cloud-based playout solution

Cloud-Native Channel Security

TVU Channel promotes business continuity and disaster recovery for media broadcasting companies, enterprises, and institutions through its cloud-native platform. This makes content secure and readily available but also enhances security to prevent hacking, malware, and cyber attacks. All TVU solutions are built and operate in the cloud providing security, reliability, and stability.

Full Redundancy

Full Redundancy

Protects your channel and content in the event the broadcast channel goes down.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Built to stand against malware, hackers, or bad actors in order to keep your channel safe.

Channel Backup

Channel Backup

Providing the ability to spin up a channel should your usual procedures for playout fail.

Reliable Playout


A continuous 24/7 live channel solution that never stops running.

The Basics of TVU Channel
Cloud Playout & Scheduling Solution

Learn the basics of TVU Channel. Launching a 24/7 digital channel is as easy as creating a Google calendar. The best part is that no other setup or infrastructure is needed to start. Learn how to launch and run channels directly from your laptop today.

TVU Channel Tutorials

Learn how to use TVU Channel cloud-based playout & scheduling solution. From creating a channel and taking it to air, you can start your own channel in record time.

Start a Channel & Take to Air

TVU Channel News & Stories

Find out what others are saying about TVU Channel and how this playout solution revolutionizes their channel operations.