Partners with TVU Networks for NT Summit & Awards

TVU’s Suite of Remote and Cloud Production Solutions Deployed at Annual NT Summit & Awards for Real-Time Interactive Programming and Distribution

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SHANGHAI – January 7, 2021 (ITV) recently concluded the fourth edition of its annual News Television Summit & Awards (NT Awards). It successfully partnered with TVU Networks to broadcast the two-day long summit and awards ceremony. The NT Awards and Summit has been a part of ITV’s annual calendar since 2007.

The two-day summit saw industry leaders discuss subjects that matter to the broadcast news industry – regulations, controversies, content, programming, ratings, technology and others.

NT Awards felicitated the best in the broadcast news industry across multiple categories such as – Programming Awards, Personality Awards, Promo Design and Packaging Awards, Sales and Marketing Awards, and Special Awards. Over 750 entries were rigorously screened by a 37-member jury including senior members of the industry.

Given the current restrictions on social gatherings, the summit and award show were moved online. TVU Networks, a market and technology leader in cloud and IP-based  live video solutions, deployed a suite of TVU remote production solutions – TVU Producer, TVU Partyline and TVU Anywhere – to help with the three-day event which included live presentation, guest interaction and broadcast to viewing audiences on major social media channels.

TVU Networks helped ITV in providing a low latency, professional HD-quality broadcast experience for all panel participants along with an uninterrupted award ceremony held on November 6, 2020 across social channels. used the previously mentioned TVU remote production solutions – TVU Producer, TVU Partyline and TVU Anywhere.

The guest speakers used the TVU Anywhere mobile app or TVU Partyline browser link to participate in the session via their smartphone or laptop. The speakers joined by scanning or typing in a user code or by logging into the TVU cloud account through TVU Partyline, ensuring reliable transmission quality and clear video and audio interaction between participants.

“We thank the organizers for their trust in TVU. It is a great honor to participate in this event,” remarked Sushant Rai, VP of Sales – South Asia, Middle East, Africa, TVU Networks. “With this event, TVU has made TVU Partyline™, TVU Producer and TVU Anywhere visible to the news television industry in India. TVU’s products and technologies will bring immense possibilities to India’s future broadcast industry as demonstrated by our efforts with the NT Summit & Awards.”

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