“The TVU System is easy to use. Minimal training is required to the field unit operators. The field unit just has to plug in the camera, push the power button and we have a live video stream. This allows us to quickly deploy units and receive high quality video streams from any location.”  

High quality live video footage is a valuable tool for today’s law enforcement, security and emergency services professionals. The ability to see in real-time continuing or fast-changing events in the field as they unfold is invaluable for agencies in making immediate decisions. For situational analysis, emergency response, large crowd monitoring or surveillance, TVU offers the best-in-class solution for delivering, transmitting and sharing live video over common Internet. TVU also has a portfolio of FirstNet Ready solutions.

Real-time Field Situational Assessment

TVU One is a lightweight and portable transmission device that enables public safety agencies to capture live footage from virtually any location. TVU One can use any combination of cellular 3G/4G LTE, WiFi, Ethernet, Microwave, Ka and Ku-band satellite, or BGAN satellite connections to deliver crystal clear HD picture from practically any location.

TVU One is simple to operate, with no in-field configuration required. Just plug in a camera source, press the power button, and the unit automatically delivers live video to operational headquarters with half second latency. TVU’s simplicity allows agency personnel to focus on situational analysis instead of configuring the video transmission.

TVU One’s proprietary IS+ technology delivers the highest-quality video and also creates a secure, encrypted channel ensuring that sensitive video footage is protected. TVU One is also FirstNet Ready.

Multiple Remote Views

TVU Grid is a powerful video switching, routing and distribution solution that allows agencies to view, manage and share live video. With Grid, commanders can view live video streams from multiple locations and also share the video with multiple personnel over the Internet. Grid features ultra low half-second delay for real-time assessment and decision-making.

Mission Critical Communications Anywhere

TVU Router provides reliable high speed wireless connectivity up to 200Mbps from anywhere. Agencies and first responders can use Router to transfer and receive electronic files, stream video, search the web or use an IP connected device or service to pass data. By aggregating multiple communications connections such as cellular 4G/LTE, satellite, Ethernet and WiFi, Router can be used in practically any situation in which broadband connectivity is needed at a moments notice. TVU Router is also upgradeable to support band 14 and FirstNet’s National Public Safety Broadband Network.

FirstNet Ready Solutions

TVU has a number of FirstNet ready solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.






“The portability and flexibility of the transmitter was another plus. Because of the transmitter’s size, it allows us to deploy units on foot for extensive amounts of time.  We can quickly transition to any vehicle and move to other locations without losing the video stream.  This has been invaluable in transmitting continuous real-time information to our Mobile Command Posts and Operation Center.  The system has been used extensively during protest, parades, and other large events throughout the City.
With the TVU Grid, we were able to a receive a video feed from a helicopter, flying in Napa, to our Operation Center in Oakland; and then retransmit that stream to multiple mobile laptops in different locations with minimal picture delay. The capabilities of the TVU system has allowed us to get real-time ‘situational awareness’ to Incident Commanders, assisting in making critical decision.  There is nothing like actual SEEING what is going on”

Inez Ramirez III
Sergeant of Police
Oakland Police Department