Powerful, scalable point-to-multipoint live video distribution over IP

Switch, route and distribute video seamlessly to any number of locations.

Affordably and infinitely scalable.

Add any number of locations to your TVU Grid network without increasing bandwidth requirements at each site. Connect with thousands other TVU Grid-enabled servers on a global level.

The fastest live video search engine for the largest live video database.

All video content is enriched with automated metadata. Instantly search through 400,000 hours of live video every month to find the video you need, and share it in real time with your own audience.

Work from a simple yet versatile user interface.

From a user-friendly web-based interface, switch frame-accurately between various IP videos with no interruption. Push live video out to the web, social media and other CDNs with a single click.

Manageable via TVU Command Center.

TVU Command Center, the centralized management platform for all TVU solutions, is also the source of control for TVU Grid. Through TVU Command Center, you can see the status of all transmissions and TVU Servers.

Join the Global Grid in seconds.

TVU Global Grid is the place where all TVU Grid users can share and exchange video without the need for a mediator. TVU Global Grid makes global-scale sharing effortless, so people can leverage the power of all video content, no matter where it’s coming from.

Point-to-point transmission with TVU G-Link.

For point-to-point-only live video sharing over IP, TVU G-Link is the answer. With optional support for 4K 4:2:2 10-bit HDR for the highest quality productions.