2020 US Elections

Cover from every angles more than 50 caucuses, primaries, debates and conventions leading up to election day on November 3rd, without running out of data nor compromising on your live broadcast quality.

March Schedule

  • 25 primaries including 14 on Super Tuesday
  • North Dakota Caucuses
  • Wyoming Republican Convention
  • North Dakota Republican Convention

24/7 Support

including on-site support available on request

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How we can help you

Premium Live Video Transmission

Superior-quality H.265/HEVC 4K HDR live feeds transmission, 0.5 second latency, 5G-ready, with voice transcription, at a fraction of the cost of satellite.

Unique Remote Production

Produce synchronised multi-camera live events from the Cloud or one centralised studio/OB van, instead of using dedicated on-site production satellite trucks.

Global-scale distribution over IP

Go live to multiple digital and TV channels and simply share your live content with hundreds of media companies.

High-Speed File Transfer Anywhere

Upload edited files directly from the field to the station using TVU’s high speed file aggregation upload capabilities.

Special US Election Package - Get 20% OFF

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  • Streamer Package

    Get your mojo on and go live direct to social media using our mobile phone app. TVU Anywhere and our cloud-based production TVU Producer.

  • Premier Package

    We’ll supply everything for as long as you need to cover your live event. From our award winning TVU One live video transmitters, to our cloud based remote production, TVU Producer, and distribution solution over IP, TVU Grid.