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Be the first to access live source video footage for news, sports and entertainment content on TVU MediaSource. This is your chance to create your own unique stories for your TV or Web audiences using original content not available from the usual news agencies.

What is TVU MediaSource? 

TVU is an open media market for live and archived rights-enabled video content from trusted media organizations around the world. TVU MediaSource allows you to quickly discover the footage in real-time so that you can create your stories much faster. Using our AI-based speech and image recognition, you can quickly locate, clip and download the exact HD video footage that you need. You will also be able to receive broadcast-quality live feeds to take to air on TV or Web programs through TVU Grid.

2021 US State of the Union

The newly elected US President will address US Congress with his message on the state of the nation, his vision and policy agenda.

Services Available: LIVE source feeds

Content Provider: FedNet

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How do I access the video content marketplace?

Create a free account on TVU MediaSource and start searching and browsing live and archived video. 

How do I receive live feeds?

You will need a TVU Grid transceiver to receive live feeds to output to SDI or a TVU Producer account to output to IP.  Please contact us as soon as possible if you are not already a TVU user.

How do I become a content provider and monetize my content?

Please contact us directly and we’ll explain everything.

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