Record TV Rio partners with TVU on innovative approach to news production

Brazilian TV station uses TVU One to streamline the capture and delivery of media content from the field to its new headquarters studio.

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When Record TV Rio decided to build a new headquarters located about 45 kilometers from the center of Rio de Janeiro in the city of Vargem Grande, the Brazilian TV station took the opportunity to assess its entire media content capture, production and distribution workflow. The station wanted to ensure that it could continue to have the flexibility and agility to do news reporting from anywhere in the city, covering an area of ​​more than seven million square kilometers. To accomplish this, Record TV Rio needed to replace some of its inadequate existing solutions with new technology to help them overcome the challenges of reporting from the urban sprawl of Rio de Janeiro.

Traditionally, the station’s news crews delivered content only by recording it on physical media. The captured content in the field then had to be returned to the station using expensive and time consuming methods such as delivery by courier or hand-delivered by the crew for ingest at the station.

In a bold and unprecedented effort, Record TV Rio partnered with TVU Networks, Broadmedia, Adobe and Dalet Digital Media Systems to use IP and cellular 4G technology to streamline its news reporting. The station wanted to combine high quality, low latency live transmission with progressive file downloading so that content could be produced without delay. Specifically, content captured in the field using TVU would be automatically transmitted by reporters over cellular networks and have it simultaneously ingested into the station’s Media Asset Management.

With a firm commitment from the station’s executives as well as internal technical, programming, operations and reporting teams, two hundred people were involved during sixty days of testing. During this period, the equipment was used in daily news coverage within Rio de Janeiro and also for coverage of the Club World Cup in Doha, Qatar. All of the production and live transmission testing was successful.

Record TV Rio transmits local live programming daily for more than seven hours. With the new workflow, the station is now able to increase the daily production of its news stories, diversify its media content and decrease its time to air. It’s also able to increase the number of its live on-location news coverage using new equipment from TVU.

“Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy, but necessary for evolution and growth, especially when the challenge is to innovate and reinvent yourself.” said Edcley Araujo, IT Director, Record TV Rio.