Do more with your media assets using AI

TVU MediaMind Appliance is a powerful metadata-generating search engine. It uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to radically increase the potential of your raw video material to reach any viewer, on any medium, watching from any screen.

At the heart of TVU MediaMind Appliance is metadata. TVU’s AI uses face and speech recognition to tag incoming footage with information regarding who is in a certain clip and what is being said. The system stores that data and organizes it to make it searchable easily and in real time; natural language search yields time-coded results that point you to the exact desired video clip so you can use and reuse it for any number of productions.

As the demand for video increases, along with the ways that people view it, it is crucial to put out content that suits all sorts of viewers, and to do that, all of your video content needs to be fully leveraged. TVU MediaMind Appliance makes this possible by doing the work to give more meaning to your raw material and make it usable and reusable.

TVU MediaMind Appliance functions as a part of TVU MediaMind, which you can learn more about here.


Download the data sheet here