On Call Communications and TVU Networks Offer First Combined Satellite and Cellular Service Plan for Television News Stations

LAS VEGAS, NV – April 14, 2015 – On Call Communications, the leading provider of automated, IP-based satellite solutions, and TVU Networks, the global technology leader in live mobile IP newsgathering solutions, today introduced a comprehensive combined cellular and satellite service plan that enables broadcasters to ensure access to bandwidth over both Ku-band satellite and cellular links in even the most challenging transmission environments. With this new service plan, TVU and On Call deliver a dependable service that incorporates cellular and satellite transmission for guaranteed bandwidth for one price that combines both satellite and cellular charges with no monthly cost and no fixed overhead. With the TVU MLink, the system uses both cellular and satellite services simultaneously, and adjusts transmission mediums according to the bandwidth environment without any operator involvement. With no monthly cost, users are charged solely on usage.


On Call Communications has recently launched an IP based satellite network that lets stations access bandwidth by throughput requirements instead of purchasing dedicated frequencies. The new service boosts reliability to the end user while reducing cost. By using TVUPack in conjunction with On Call, broadcasters are able to turn their existing assets into an automated satellite-cellular system that enables broadcasters to cost-effectively transmit live video from more locations than ever before.


With its simple one-button operation and ability to simultaneously transmit over multiple combinations of cellular, WIFI, microwave, and BGAN, Ka-band and Ku-band satellite links, TVU MLink enables broadcasters to deliver live streaming video from practically any location. TVU MLink also offers broadcasters TVU’s proprietary IS+ transmission protocol and Smart VBR technology to ensure enhanced resiliency and superior picture quality in fluctuating bandwidth conditions, as well as the ability to transmit HD video with sub-second latency.


“TVUPack and TVU MLink transmission solutions are relied upon by many of the largest broadcasters in the world to transmit thousands of hours of video content every day. We have been working closely with On Call for many years to help customers execute successful live shots in challenging transmission environments, and we are thrilled to be able to offer a simple, cost-effective solution that ensures access to cost-effective bandwidth,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks.


“The combination of On Call and TVU transmission solutions gives customers a powerful, proven newsgathering tool. We are dedicated to working closely with TVU to ensure that joint customers have access to cost-effective bandwidth that ensures that each transmission is successful,” said Jim Gilbert, CEO, On Call Communications.


On Call’s automated IP satellite system, QuickSPOT™, provides a perfect backup or primary data connection for in-field newsgathering because of the reliable satellite bandwidth, super fast setup and on-demand satellite service access. On Call owns, manages and operates the satellite network and supports it 24/7/365 with experienced engineers so news crews have a direct connection to network control should an issue arise. Access to the satellite network occurs in five minutes with the push of a single button. Satellite alignment, cross-pol and network access are fully automated without the need for coordination with a satellite operator’s network control center.


Already in use by hundreds of leading broadcast organizations around the world, the TVUPack family of IP transmission solutions gives broadcasters a powerful and reliable tool to distribute live video content to broadcast, online, and mobile platforms. The TVUPack family of solutions has been used to deliver professional-quality live HD footage of a number of important events around the world including the 2010 World Cup, the London Summer Games, U.S. presidential elections, Hurricane Sandy, the 2013 Papal conclave, the Sochi Winter Olympics, the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the Super Bowl. For more information about TVUPack and other TVU Networks solutions, please visit www.tvunetworks.com.


About TVU Networks

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, TVU Networks is a technology and market leader in IP-based live video solutions. TVU’s solutions help transform broadcasters’ SDI-based video acquisition, transmission, routing, distribution and management operations to an IP-based infrastructure. TVU serves customers of all sizes in more than 80 countries from industries that include news broadcast, web streaming, law enforcement, sports, corporate and government. In broadcast markets around the world including the USA, China and other major economic powers, TVU is the dominant market leader with more than half of all news broadcast stations using its IP video solutions, which includes TVUPack, the award-winning mobile live cellular uplink solution and TVU Grid, the award-winning IP video switching, routing and distribution solution. TVU Networks is a pioneer in IP video technology and is leading the way in helping organizations looking to transition to a predominantly IP-based infrastructure. Many of the largest news broadcast station groups in the world have deployed TVU Grid and are leveraging it in their existing workflow infrastructures. More information about TVU Networks can be found at www.tvunetworks.com.





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TVU Networks




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