How to quickly transfer content back to the studio using the TVU One progressive download mode.

When recording content in the field for later editing, the TVU One uses the progressive download mode to transfer your recording back to the studio. The pack encodes high-quality CBR content whenever a source is connected, whether you are live or not.

1. When recording live using an SDI camera, connect the camera’s SDI cable to the TVU One SDI HDMI connector.
2. Record your content in the field. The TVU One creates markers on the TVU One content every time the record button is pressed on the camera. When you are no longer live, the TVU One progressive download transfers the recorded content to the receiver using the high-speed aggregated link.
3. The studio can then view the recordings, download, and edit the content.

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About TVU One

Visit the TVU One page to learn all the capabilities of the next level of live video transmission with the TVU One 4K. Deliver full broadcast quality 4K, 10-bit true 60fps HDR video at as low as 3Mbps with proven patented Inverse StatMux Plus technology, IS+. It’s also able to transmit live 1080p60 HDR at as low as 800Kbps.