How to use the TVU One 4-Channel Encoder

Connect up to 1080P SDI sources and to a TVU One Receiver

Our solution, the 4-Channel encoder, allows a low-latency full synchronization of up to four 1080P SDI sources via cellular uplink to a TVU receiver.

This workflow describes how to connect the 4-Channel encoder to a TVU One 4K using the AJA 12GM Mini-Converter (12G-SDI to/from SDI Muxer/DeMuxer).

How to connect the AJA mini 4-channel encoder to a TVU One:

1. Connect 4 3G-SDI cables from the 1080P59.94 camera source to the AJA 12GM Mini-Converter SDI-IN ports 1 , 2, 3, and 4.
The AJA 12GM Mini-Converter will automatically mux or convert the Quad-link 3G-SDI 1080P59.94 source into a Single-link 12G-SDI 4KP59.94 source.

2. Connect the 12G-SDI cable from the AJA 12GM Mini-Con¬verter SDI-Out-1 to the SDI-IN port of TVU One TM1000v3+ UHD transmitter.

3. Verify that the TVU One LCD screen displays the input format as 4KP59.94 with a quad view of the 4 3G-SDI 1080P59.94 original camera source as the input for the AJA 12GM Mini-Converter.

4. Go live with your TVU One TM1000v3+ UHD transmitter using the VS3500 4K server. Set the output format as 4KP5994 in the RPS Web interface. Ensure that the output format is set to match the input format.

5. Once live on the VS3500 4K server, connect a 12G-SDI cable to the server SDI-Out port number 3.

6. Connect the cable end to the SDI-IN port 1 of the AJA 12GM Mini-Converter.

7. The AJA 12GM Mini-Converter will demux or convert single-link 12G-SDI 4KP5994 quad view source into a quad-link 3G-SDI 1080P59.94 source.

8. The quad-link 3G-SDI 1080P59.94 source output on the demux converter will display as a quad view by default. To change it to single view, select the output mapping as SQD (square division) in the AJA Mini-Config tool. The default output mapping is 2SI (sample interleave) when output mapping is set as Auto for the TVU workflow configuration.

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Visit the TVU One page Experience the next level of live video transmission with the TVU One 4K. Deliver full broadcast quality 4K, 10-bit true 60fps HDR video at as low as 3Mbps with proven patented Inverse StatMux Plus technology, IS+. It’s also able to transmit live 1080p60 HDR at as low as 800Kbps.