How to add video transitions in TVU Producer

TVU Producer transitions help create a smooth flow in your Live Productions.

The three different TVU Producer video transition features; Iris In, Iris Out, and Dissolve are used to cut the selected transitions from the PVW into the PGM window. These functions can be controlled with shortcut keys or by simply clicking the desired icon.

To enable the transition features:
1. Select to place your transition type icons F1, F2, F3, and F4 between the PVW and PGM windows.
2. As you select your transition type, a control panel displays next to the selected icon.
3. Use the control panel to set the time (in milliseconds) it takes to execute the selected transition.

Note: The default value for each transition is 1500 milliseconds. This default can be changed by the operator as appropriate.

4. Repeat the process for each transition.
5. Click the overlay cut icon (F6) and video cut icon (space bar) as needed.

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