TVU Grid Token Quick Start User Guide

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The  TVU Grid Token allows you to set up pool feeds with other stations using the TVU Command Center user interface.


Introduction, setup, and operation

This Quick Start guide provides instructions to complete the following tasks:

  • Activating the TVU Command Center token feature
  • Creating and sharing a Grid token
  • Pairing the Grid source tokens
  • Editing a token
  • Token code email notifications and recipient actions
  • Recipient request for Token acceptance
  • Grid source owner – Accepting the Token request

Product overview

The token is a feature accessible within the TVU Command Center User Interface (UI). The TVU Grid Token feature allows an operator to perform automatic Grid source pairing without the intervention of TVU Support. To use the token feature, it requires a token license activation from TVU Support.


Contents and features

TVU Grid Token and Grid tab features

  • Self-service administration – Users can create a Grid Token and Grid source pairing.
  • Define a single token for a single user – The Grid token feature allows an operator to create a single Grid source token defined by date and time for a TVU user.
  • Define a single token for multiple users – The Grid token feature allows an operator to create a single Grid source token defined by date and time for multiple users.
  • Send code to email feature – The token feature allows an operator to send a token code to an email address from the Command Center console for remote usage.
  • Administrative features – A user can accept, reject, or deny access to a token request.

TVU Grid Tab features

Search tab:

  • Check the Authorized filter box to view, find, and control Grid sources you can access.
  • Check the Available filter box to find and request access to visible Grid sources you do not already have access to.
  • Toggle between a thumbnail or map view to locate authorized and available Grid sources.
  • Filter your keyword search by name, location, affiliation, and group.
  • Add Grid sources using a Grid Token code.

My Requests tab:

  • View all of your Direct Requests and Token Access requests.
  • Control Grid sources you have been granted access to via Direct Request and Grid Token.
  • Manage your Direct Requests and Grid Token access request.
  • Add Grid sources using a Grid Token code.

Contribute tab:

  • Manage how your Grid sources appear to others while searching for content.
  • Create Grid Token codes to share access to your Grid sources.
  • Manage access to your Grid sources using the Direct Request and Grid Token requests.

My Contact Details tab:

  • Configure your contact details to communicate efficiently with others and receive activity notifications.

Before you begin

Contact TVU Support at to activate your account’s TVU Command Center token feature. There are two token features available:


Activating the TVU Command Center Grid token feature

Activating the token feature allows an operator to create a token with a Grid source to pair registered receivers using the Command Center UI.


Sign in to Command Center

To Sign in to Command Center, complete the following procedure:

  1. Launch Command Center and authenticate your account; Enter your Email and Password or use an SSO method.
  2. Click Sign In.
Command Center sign in page

The Command Center UI displays.


Creating a Grid token:

The Contribute tab allows you to create Grid Tokens, manage access to your Grid sources, and perform the following tasks:

  • Create Grid Tokens for Grid sources.
  • Name the Token.
  • Configure a temporary start and end time for the Token or make it permanently available.
  • Add any number of your Grid sources to a Token.
  • Send Token Code Email notifications.

Grid Source owner:

Before you begin, contact TVU Support to give you ownership of your sources.

  1. Create a Token by clicking the  tab in the Command Center interface.
  2. Click the  tab. Then, click the  tab in the left panel.
  3. Click .
  4. In the Create Token window, Enter a Token name.
  5. Select an expiration type. If you select Temporary, configure a start and end times to access your Token. If you select Permanent, there is no need to enter an end time.
  6. Select the Grid sources from the available list that you want the Token to share.

Note: If your source does not display in the Available List, place your cursor into the “Grid Source List” search field and Enter the Grid source name/PID, or enter the first 4-digits of the PID and click the Search icon to select the available receiver

  1. Click the  button and then the  button.
  1. Verify that the information is correct. To edit the token information, continue to “Editing the token.”

Share a Grid token with recipients:

  1. Your new Grid Token code displays. You can now share the Token code with others by clicking the  button.
  2. Enter the user email address(es) in the “To” field, enter any message in the email text field if desired, and click the  button.
  3. To share your token with another Command Center account user, click the Share icon Token Share icon, enter the User account information in the Share To pop-up window, and click Save.
Share token window

Pairing Grid source tokens

Complete the following steps to share a token code with others for pairing Grid sources. The Grid source must be available to select from the Token tab list:

  1. Click the Grid tab.
Grid tab

The token device list displays.

  1. Click the Contribute tab. Then, click the Token tab to display the Grid sources.
Contribute tab

The token code displays under the TVU logo.

Send Code to Email Grid Token Test
  1. Click the Send code to email button. The email window opens. Enter the user’s email address in the “To” field, enter any message in the email text field if desired, and click Send.
Send Grid token to email

Editing a Token

To edit the token information, complete the following steps:

  1. To delete the token, click the red Delete icon.
  2. To edit the token information, click the green Edit icon.

Note: Users can edit existing tokens at anytime, even after the token has been accepted. Changes take effect automatically.

Token edit and delete icons

The Edit Token pop-up allows users to:

  • Add and remove a Grid source(s)
  • Delete a Grid source
  • Update the token name
  • Update the token expiration date and time
Edit token window
  1. Complete your edits and click Save. Then, close the pop-up window.

Token code email notifications and recipient actions:

  1. Your recipient receives the Grid Token code via email, details, and login instructions to access Command Center.
  2. The recipient adds your Grid Token code to their Command Center account by clicking the  tab,  tab, and the  button.
  3. In the Add Grid Token window, enter the Grid Token code. Then, enter a short introduction, open the select the receivers drop-down menu and select your Grid Token Sources.
  4. Click the  button to initiate an access request to the Grid source owner.
  5. To check the status of your request, click the  tab and click the  radio button:
    – Your token status will display “Pending” until the Grid source owner accepts your request.
    – Once accepted, the Grid token status displays “Accepted.” The requestor is now able to use the Grid source.
  1. Click the Control button. Click the receiver drop-down menu to select your feed.
  2. Click the Take button to view your source. You can click the My Sources tab if your source does not display. In the Status column, the “Status not reached” indicator appears. Review the start and end times for the token. Your feed will not display until the start time occurs.

Recipient request for token acceptance

To request access to the token, complete the following steps:

  1. The user will receive the token code from the token owner via email.
  2. Open Command Center and click the My Sources tab. Then, click the plus “+” icon to add an external source.
Add external source

The Add External Source dialog displays.

Add external source dialog
  1. Select the Grid Token from the “Type” drop-down menu. Enter the token code you received in the Token Code field.
  2. Enter a name to identify yourself in the “Introduce yourself” field.
  3. Click the ”Select which receivers …” field, and choose the receiver(s) you want to pair to from the drop-down menu selections.
Add external source my sources tab GRID receivers
  1. Click Save.

Grid source owner – Accepting the Token request

  1. After the access request is received, the Grid source owner can manage the access request from the Command Center  tab after the request is received.
    Note: An orange bubble  displays in the Token and Contribute tabs to indicate a pending request notification.
  2. Click the  tab, Then click the  tab in the left panel.
  3. To accept the pending request, click the receiver checkbox , then click the  button.
  4. After the request is accepted, the recipient can go Live with the Grid Token source (during the Token valid time period set by the administrator).
  5. The Grid source owner can Deny and Delete a request by checking the  checkbox and clicking the  or  button.

Token viewing after acceptance

After the token is accepted, the user can view the source(s) in the “My Sources” tab.

A token source will display a “T” symbol below the source preview.

Token source T symbol

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