Full monitoring and control of your live IP transmissions

The centralized management platform that controls all your TVU products and services regardless of your location, with just a web browser and an Internet connection.

Work the way you want to work.

Offering more ways to control transmissions, either by viewing all live sources at once, or by viewing all TVU Server information. Increase efficiency and productivity with role-centric ways to control. Take any source live with one click, while keeping a global view on the other sources.

Manage all your TVU solutions and services from one place.

Send breaking news notifications throughout your organization with TVU Alert, schedule live transmissions with TVU Booking, oversee the entire TVU MediaMind ecosystem and access TVU Global Grid, the virtual marketplace where video is shared and sold. Distribute video over IP to a third party website or CDN, like YouTube Live and Ustream. Download clips from any TVU transmitter, and output edited clips to FTP or multiple video resources.