How to enable VLAN Service with the Linux v7.5,7.6 receiver software.

Enable VLAN Server feature to establish a virtual network between a TVU One Pack and the field, and a receiver in the studio.

1. Log in to the TVU receiver Web interface using your credentials supplied by TVU Support.
2. Click the Settings drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the window and select VLAN Setting.
3. In the VLAN Setting pop-up window, open the interface drop-down menu and select an open Ethernet port.
4. Click . In the Alert pop-up window, click .
5. In the VLAN Setting window, the Interface drop-down menu displays “VLAN”.
6.  To configure the Pack, go to the Hotspot > Router page and update the IP and Port fields for the VLAN server.
7. On the VLAN Setting page, the TVU One client displays in the Router Client list.
8. To stop the interface, click .

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