US Elections 2024

Are you looking to expand your election coverage without breaking your production budget?
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Everything to guarantee successful coverage

Slash costs and streamline your current workflows. Our REMI & cloud solutions integrate seamlessly with any existing setup, increasing collaboration and versatility to broaden your coverage.

Go from any input to every output

Break free from traditional router constraints with TVU MediaHub. Our cloud based platform enables you to go from any input to every output enabling you to streamline and scale your election media workflows.

tvu mediahub router encoder decoder inputs outputs signal matrix

5G 4K Steadfast transmissions from anywhere

Guarantee uninterrupted single and multi-camera transmissions even from the most challenging locations, with TVU One. Reduce costs, dispense with satellite trucks, and gain versatility to produce more content.

5G live video transmission for live productions

Create virtual events with studio-quality in the cloud

Create sophisticated panels, press conferences, and remote interviews with candidates, experts, and the public, no matter their location, with your talent and technicians collaborating seamlessly through the cloud.

virtual events with studio-quality in the cloud

Break the news first
with AI video content management

TVU Search AI ingests, transcribes, and analyzes unlimited live feeds in real-time, sending alerts and clips to newscasters when something relevant happens. It’s like having a team monitoring feeds 24/7!

Ingest and index all your election content within 10 seconds

Specialized Election Coverage with OTT Channels

Deliver in-depth coverage and real-time updates to targeted audiences. And monetize it effortlessly with AI ad insertion! Use TVU Cloud to create, playout and automate FAST and OTT channels in minutes, in the cloud.

Create dedicated OTT channels for your election coverage