A New Family of Video Contribution Encoders

TVU’s Aeon Encoder family of solutions are designed with ultra-portability, resilience, one-button operation and durability in mind.

The TVU Aeon Encoder Family of solutions is truly unique to the contribution encoder market, particularly in both ease-of-use and mobility. Like all solutions within the TVU ecosystem, Aeon encoders provide low bitrate, low latency, and highly-resilient live HD video over IP. TVU’s Aeon Encoder Family of portable encoder solutions provides point-to-point and point-to-multi-point video contribution.

The TVU Era TE700 is the flagship product of the Aeon line of solutions and features a protected enclosure that can be easily mounted to the top of a camera. It’s an ideal solution for customers in the field wanting to “drop” a lightweight encoder into their TVU workflow, as all Aeon encoders work seamlessly with TVU receivers and TVU transceivers, as well as TVU Grid.



TVU Era TE700